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Discover our premium collection of music and entertainment memorabilia from over 50 years. Beginning with Eric Clapton's donation to simply mark his seat in London, our collection has grown to over 86,000 pieces worldwide, the largest such collection in the world.

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Our Goal

Hard Rock Memorabilia is the beating heart of our brand. Before music history museums, Hard Rock was there displaying precious artifacts for our guests. We pride ourselves for not just the high level of design and display, but also providing a platform to tell stories about the artists and along with the artists so that the story told is unique, authentic, and in the voice the artist would like it communicated.

BB King's Guitar
B.B. King's Gibson Electric Guitar
B.B. King
Gibson Electric Guitar

B.B. King loved his guitars, naming them all “Lucille”. They were usually black Gibson ES-355 models, making this beauty with the cherry red finish a rare find. Accentuating the red is a tortoise shell pickguard, square mother of pearl inlays, and gold-plated hardware.

Beyonce Knowles's Body Suit
Beyoncé Knowles' Silver Bodysuit and Jacket
Beyoncé Knowles
Silver Bodysuit and Jacket

Competing with Beyoncé’s natural sparkle is a challenge for any designer. Which is why LaQuan Smith went all out with this crystal-encrusted glam mesh bodysuit and matching blazer. It was the show-stopping show-starter for the “On The Run II” tour and set a new standard for fashion in music.

Billie Eilish's Jacket
Billie Eilish's Red Coat
Billie Eilish
Red Coat

A 17-year-old Billie Eilish wore this red Brandon James jacket for a photoshoot with French magazine, Numéro art, in April of 2019. She also wore it in the “Bury a Friend” music video directed by Tim Richardson.

Brian Jones's Guitar
Brian Jones' Vox Mark III Teardrop Guitar
Brian Jones
Vox Mark III Teardrop Guitar

This guitar, played by Brian Jones, made its first TV appearance with the Rolling Stones on the Ed Sullivan Show and was used in the recording of their hit, “It’s All Over Now."

Elvis Presley's Jumpsuit
Elvis Presley's Adonis Jumpsuit
Elvis Presley
Adonis Jumpsuit

Created by Bill Belew, this iconic suit fueled two incredible performances by two different artists. Elvis debuted it on stage at Madison Square Garden in 1972. Two years after his passing, Kurt Russell wore the real thing for his Emmy-nominated role in the TV movie, “Elvis."

Elvis Presley's Gold Piano
Elvis Presley's 24K Gold Leaf Piano
Elvis Presley
24K Gold Leaf Piano

Purchased in 1955 by Elvis as a gift to his mother, this Kimball grand piano ended up in the music room at Graceland so Elvis could play it over back-up music. Priscilla Presley adorned it with a 24K gold-leaf finish as a gift for their first wedding anniversary.

Faith Hill's Corvette
Faith Hill's Red Corvette
Faith Hill
Red Corvette

Ain’t no love like the love between a country music superstar and her Chevy. This mint-condition 1960 Chevrolet Corvette was fully restored and given to Faith Hill as a birthday present from her husband, Tim McGraw, in 1996.

Jack Bruce Guitar
Jack Bruce's Painted Bass
Jack Bruce
Painted Bass

The other half of Eric Clapton’s legendary Fool SG, Jack Bruce’s Fender Bass VI was his axe of choice when he co-founded Cream. He wrote Strange Brew on it, and it was used during the recording of their quintessential album, Disraeli Gears.

Jay Z's Suit
Jay-Z's Black Gucci Tuxedo
Black Gucci Tuxedo

As husband to one of the world’s most well-dressed artists, Jay-Z has some serious competition when it comes to his style. Thankfully, House of Gucci has his back with pieces like this one-of-a-kind, made-to-measure wool and mohair tuxedo jacket and pants.

Jimi Hendrix's Guitar
Jimi Hendrix's B/W Gibson Flying V
Jimi Hendrix
B/W Gibson Flying V

When it came to kissing the sky, this left-handed guitar was Jimi’s “flying angel”. It’s one of three Flying Vs owned by Hendrix and features a black finish mahogany body with white pickguard, gold-plated hardware, and split-diamond mother of pearl inlays.

Imagine by John Lennon Lyrics
John Lennon's Imagine Lyrics
John Lennon
Imagine Lyrics

These are the original handwritten notes for John Lennon’s song, “Imagine”. Written in black ballpoint pen on lined paper with the last line of each verse underlined in red.

Lil Nas X's Jacket
Lil Nas X's Bumble Bee Moto Jacket
Lil Nas X
Bumble Bee Moto Jacket

Worn by Lil Nas X while on tour, this buzzworthy jacket has been coined “the “Bumble Bee”, due to its black and yellow patchwork elements. Designed by Brandon James.

LL Cool J's Jacket
LL Cool J's Custom Painted Jacket
LL Cool J
Custom Painted Jacket

The Shirt Kings were pioneers of Hip-Hop fashion in the 80s and 90s and became the clothiers of rap royalty. LL Cool J was one such royal, who wore this custom graffiti-inspired jacket by Edwin “Phade” Sacasa in his music video for “Around The Way Girl."

Michael Jackson's Jacket
Michael Jackson's Red Leather Jacket
Michael Jackson
Red Leather Jacket

“Beat It” is widely recognized for its catchy hooks, face-melting guitars, and, of course, this zipper-bedecked red leather jacket. Along with the massive commercial success of “Thriller," this signature look helped establish MJ as one of the greatest fashion and pop music icons of all time.

Post Malone's Jacket
Post Malone's Trench Coat
Post Malone
Trench Coat

If you were at Post Malone’s 2019 UK Tour, you would have seen this ultra-cool trench coat in action. Fashion-forward Danish designers MUF120 merged the coat, comprised of Italian gabardine and denim, with their “Trucker Denim Jacket” for a truly unique look.

Prince's Guitar
Prince's Blue Cloud Guitar
Blue Cloud Guitar

An eccentric instrument for an eccentric artist. This authentic cloud guitar was originally designed for Prince in 1984. Features gold hardware and silver symbol inlays with the signature cloud body shape and an extended curly-q cutaway.

Prince Colling's Guitar
Prince's White Collings 290 Electric Guitar
White Collings 290 Electric Guitar

On March 12, 2016, Prince surprised a packed audience at the Chanhassen Dinner Theater with an impromptu performance. He died five weeks later, leaving this as the last guitar he would ever play on stage. Also included are the strings and strap he used that night.

Taylor Swift's Dress
Taylor Swift's Dress
Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift wore this high-street crocheted lace “Sweetness” dress by Reiss on stage at the BBC Radio 1 Teen Awards at the HMV Hammersmith Apollo in November 2010.

The Rolling Stones's Guitar
The Rolling Stones' Gibson Les Paul
The Rolling Stones
Gibson Les Paul

This Gibson Les Paul with the red and yellow sunburst was used extensively by Mick Taylor (and at times, Keith Richards and Mick Jagger) during the Stones’ 1972-73 American Tour.

Iommi Tony Guitar
Tony Iommi's Red Gibson SG “Monkey” Guitar
Tony Iommi
Red Gibson SG “Monkey” Guitar

Tony Iommi helped make heavy metal what it is today with his iconic riffs, heavy tones, and massively influential albums. And at the center of it all was this guitar, used to record “Paranoid," “Black Sabbath," “Master of Reality," “Sabbath Bloody Sabbath" and “Sabotage."